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¡ª¡ªIntroduction to Xiangxi Tujia & Miao Nationalities Autonomous Prefecture

Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics         Update Time£º2004-7-30

Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture locates in the north-sest of Hunan Province like a door and borders Hubei, Guizhou and Chongqing as a location of the throat. It has the jurisdiction over 8 counties and city of Jishou ,Luxi, Fenghuang, Guzhang, Huayuan, Baojing, Yongshun and Longshan with a total area of 15486 square kilometres and a population of 2500-odd thousand including minority nationalities people 69.65 per cent. Jishou city is the capital of the prefecture.

Exceptionally Abundant Resources

Xiangxi Prefecture has abundant resources with tremendous potential for exploitation. Mainly:

Mountainous resources. The prefecture has 1550 thousand ha. of mountainous area, 525 thousand ha. of grassland which is suitable for raising livestock including 46 thousand ha. of continuous grassland above 1000 ha. each. Hence there is a bright prospect to develop animal husbandry and breading industry.

Biological resources. The forest area of the prefecture amounts to 567.3 thousand ha. The forest covering rate is 55.8 per cent. Preserved 10-odd kinds of rare trees are metasequoia, ginkgo, nanmu, etc. and some precious medicinal herbs such as the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, the bark of a cork tree and the bark of eucommia can be found here. There are 92 thousand ha. of tung oil tree with average annual output of 20,000 tons; oil tea 103 thousand ha., rape 67 thousand ha., orange tree 17.3 thousand ha.

Hydropower resources. There are 445 rivers in our prefecture with storage capacity 10.8 million kw, so far, only 16.5 per cent of which has been utilized. Tremendous potential of hydropower needs to be developed.

Mineral resources. More than 50 kinds of outcroppings have been discovered in this prefecture, among which 34 kinds have already been explored. The prospect storage of the mercury ranks the first in Hunan and fourth in the country. The industrial reserve of manganese ore amounts to 29698.1 thousand tons, which ranks the first in Hunan and second in the country. Huayuan mine area is a specially large mineral deposit, with industrial reserve 22.62 million tons and average grade 19.7 per cent. It has got the fame of "Manganese Capital in the East". The industrial storage of the bauxite also ranks the first in Hunan, accounting for 72.8 per cent of the total storage in the province. The average grade reaches 55 per cent. The reserve of zinc mine is 11 million tons. As for non-metallic minerals, there are phosphorus, potery clay etc., among which the reserve of phosphorus mine reaches 100 million tons.

Tourist resources. Xiangxi is a good place for tourism. Radiant Wuling mountains, magnificent Yuanjiang You River, charming forests and galleys, enchanting customs with characteristics of minority nationalities form the mysterious Xiangxi. "The first drift" Mengdong River, Qifeng lake where "mountains are like a painting, green water a poem", Jishou Dehang Miao nationality village, Longshan Huoyan caves, the Fenghuang castle etc. seem to be pearls inlaid in the hinter land of Wuling mountains.

Native and special products. Guzhang Maojian tea and Qiyeseng health tea are famous all over the country; Xiangquan wine and sot wine are national grade wines. Tujia brocade, Miaojia embroidery are favored by people for their distinct national characteristics and exceptional traditional technology.

Complete Investment Invironment

Since the reform and opening policy was carried out, Xiangxi Prefecture has made great progress in economic development and comprehensive strength has increased quite a lot. As for transportation, a network mainly with railways and highways, complemented with water transport has formed. 209 and 319 state highways and Zhiliu railway run across the prefecture connecting Xiangxi Prefecture with the outside world. Post and telecommunication service has entered a nodern stage. Five networks of long-distance call and mobile telecommunication etc. have been set up. Adopting a method of "developing large and small networks, emphasizing thermal power and hydropower simultaneously." to comprehensively develop energy resources, a number of electric facilities wuch as Jishou 220 thousand volt substation have been built step by setp. The installed capacity and electric networks doubled.

Xiangxi Prefecture is not only the border area of Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing and Guizhou, but also a transitional area of economic development tide from coastal economic zone to the central western region. Additionally, as an area with Tujia and Miao nationalities, it enjoys the autonomy and various preferential policies. Therefore, the prefecture's investment policies are more flexible and looser than other places.

Bright Prospect

Putting the opening-up drive policy into effect, Xiangxi Prefcture is laying more importance on ushering in foreign investment, trying to catch the chances and aiming at a new blueprint.

As to agricultural exploitation, we'll make full use of 1.55 million ha. of mountainous area to develop the pillar industries as fruits, medicinal herbs, tea and mulberry etc. Till the end of the ninth "Five-Year Plan" period, the forest covering rate is to reach more than 60 per cent, the exploitation area of fruits, medicinal herbs, tea and mulberry 140 thousand ha.; Raising goats 2 million, oxen 0.6 million. By developing in a large scall, the exportoriented agricultural superiority may yield well.

The key points of industrial development are to centre on the exploitation of resources and set up four export-oriented pillar industries of foodstuff, light industry, chemical industry and metallurgy. Foodstuff industry: making fully use of the farming products resources of corn, potato, meat and tea etc., enlarging and giving technical reform to some beverage and foodstuff enterprises with Xiangquan Group Co., Ltd as the locomotive, developing famous and high-grade products. Light industry: emphasizing on the technical reform and structural adjustment of prevailing enterprises such as textile, plastics and paper-making, inheriting and developing national traditional technology. Chemical industry: aiming at the exploitation of phosphorus mine and zinc lead mine, reforming a number of key enterprises. Metallurgy: based on the exploitation of abundant mineral resources, developing particularly the manganese series raw materials industry and enlarging export scale.

With reference to tertiary industry, we are going to lay importance on the circulation of commodities and tourist industry. By furtherly strengthening the construction of market facilities and administration of goods and materials, Xiangxi Prefecture will be built into the largest materials distribution place and central market in the boundary area of four provinces; Xiangxi Prefecture will be developed into a comprehensive scenic area combining natural scenic spots, national customs and humanistic scenic spots as a whole with Zhiliu Railway as the axis and Mengdong River Scenic Area the locomotive.

Fascinating Xiangxi is an ideal place for you to develop business. Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to make a tour, consult business or invest here.

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