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Introduction to ShaoYang

Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics         Update Time£º2004-7-30

Shaoyang, the gateway of the southwest, situated in the center of Hunan province, consists of eight counties, one county-level city and three urban districts, with an area of 21000 square kilometers ranking the second in Hunan and with a population of 7.3 million ranking the first in Hunan. It has always been the important city of Hunan for 2500 years.

Generation over generation well-known in the world come from Shaoyang: Hu Zheng, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, who is famous for his history poem; the Ches with outstanding talents; Weiyuan, known for his "Boycott the foreign invasion by learning their advantage?¡À and Caie, a renowned Chinese general.

The transportation in Shaoyang is very convenient. Shanghai-Ruili Expressway Xiangtan-Shaoyang part has put into service. The Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway line Shaoyang part connecting the Loudi-Shaoyang Railway line can reach everywhere in the country.

There is lots of picturesque scenery all over Shaoyang: Mount Nanshan with vast green hills, grassland and clear water is lauded by Taoyuanming, a renowned Chinese poet. Mount Langshan has a wide variety of stones and peaks, strange shapes and different sizes. As the saying goes:"Xinning's strange peaks are equal in fame to the Wuling's". Mount Yunshan attracting visitors for it?¡¥s mysterious fairyland and a scenic spot of religion is one of the 72 national places of perfect happiness, in addition, Huangsuang with a well-kept primeval forest and rare birds and animals being well worth visiting as well.

Shaoyang has a vast area and rich resources, The reserves of gypsum, iron, tungsten and etc.stand the first in Hunan, Xuefeng mandarin orange was named by the premier Zhou Enlai.Wugang tong goose, Longhui chili, garlic, ginger, Xinning navel orange, Shaodong day lilies have long been famous. Mount Nanshan is the widest pasture in south China.Suining is called only one of an unpolluted oasis on the earth.

Shaoyang once was major industry city in China. After tens years effort, it has evolved a complete industrial system such as machinery, textile, chemicals, medicines, building materials, paper industry, food processing and etc. Since the reform and opening-up to the outside world, transportation, telecommunication, energy resource, infrastructure have been further strengthened and the social and economic order have been improved obviously.

Shaoyang has a great population and wide market. In 1999,the social commodity retail sales income achieved RMB 7.94 billion Yuan, which possesses a large consume potentiality.

In recent years, the municipal committee and government have carried out the strategy of "private breakthrough, opening up to seek development in an all-round way, science and technology leading?¡À. In order to attract foreign investment, improve the environment, Shaoyang municipal committee and government have issued a series of preferential policies such as Concerned stipulation of Shaoyang Municipal Committee and Government on Encouraging Foreign Investors to Invest in Shaoyang (Shaoyang municipality - issued document [2003] NO.1) and Provisional Methods on Rewarding Meritorious Persons in Foreign Economic Cooperation and Investment by the People's Government of Shaoyang Municipality (Shaoyang municipal government-issued document [2002]NO.14).We insure that we can offer the preferential policies given by others, what?¡¥s more, we are also willing to supply conveniences not given by others, only if these don't break the laws,meanwhile,we'll go all out to deal with all the problems and issues the investors may confront. Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad coming here for sightseeing, investing and developing.

Shaoyang municipality is located between latitudes 25o.38?¡¥N and 27 o 38?¡¥, longitudes 109 o 50?¡¥E and 112 o 06?¡¥E. In the whole municipality there are complicated landform, wide mountain region, fertile land and abundant rainfall. It is of subtropical and wet mansion climate with an annual average temperature 15.8 o c-16.2 o c, frost-tree period 266-294 days, sunshine time 1347-1615.3 hours and precipitation 1172.8-1500 mm and long growth period. It is suitable for growth of various crops.

Shaoyang municipality is a major forest zone in Hunan Province, in the whole municipality there are 17.79 million mu of forestland and more than 2800 kinds of forest plant resources. The main forest trees have more than 20 kinds such as China fir, mason pine, bamboo and son on. Every year there are 450000 cubic meter of timber for other places. The main medicinal plants have 1600 kinds such as the bark of encomia, bark of magnolia, honeysuckle, the root of balloon flower and son on, It is suitable for the processing of timber, paper industry, papermaking, traditional Chinese medicinal herbs plant and process.

Shaoyang municipality owns land area 31.218 million mu including cultivated area 4.93 million mu which turn out 2.7 million tons of grains, 4 million dans of oranges, 0.1 million dans of navel oranges, 0.14 million dans of day lily flowers, 0.37 million dans of chilis. Rice, oranges, medicinal herbs are main products in Shaoyang?¡¥s agricultural economy. Xuefeng mandarin oranges, Virusless Navel Oranges, Longhui chili, garlic, ginger enjoy high reputations in the world. Tea, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, honeysuckle have long been famous. Shaoyang has become one of the largest national Navel Oranges producers. The Foreign Ministry appoints Wugang Navel Oranges as major gifts for foreign exchange. Shaoyang is also one of the largest national high-quality chili producer and a base of seedless watermelons seeks and seedlings in our country. Shaoyang is suitable for construction of farm or processing of farming and sideline products. The plant of Chinese medicinal herbs in Shaoyang has developed rapidly. Shaoyang has the largest Chinese medicinal herbs market on south China-Lianqiao Chinese medicinal herbs terminal market. The lots of Chinese medicinal herbs production bases of honeysuckle, the bark of magnolia, the bark of eucommia , and etc. are all over Shaoyang . A modern high technical industrial park with Chinese medicinal herbs processing as major is under construction.

The transportation in Shaoyang municipality is very convenient,. Every town even most of village have highways. The National Highways No.320 and No.207 run through the whole district.

The loudi?aShaoyang Railway line connecting the Hunan-guizhou trunk railway line can reach everywhere in the country. The Provincial Highways No.1814 has been restructed and reach Hengyang City. It is a very important road to Zhujiang Delta for Shaoyang?¡¥s economy. The Xiangtan- Shaoyang Expressway has put into service. The Luoyang-Zhanjiang railway will be completed in July.2003. Shaoyang will be another new important hub of communications in central area of Hunan Province.

Shaoyang enjoys exceptional advantages in developing tourism resources. It has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty such as: the national grade scenic spot, and climbing up rocks train base of Mt, langshan scenic spot, the Ulanbar prairie in south china of Mt. Nanshan scenic spot, the White Cloud lake scenic spot, the sixty ¡§Cninth of the seventy-two national places of perfect happiness of Mt.Yunshan scenic spot. Suining Huangsuang scenic spot is called?¡À magical oasis?¡À by the United Nations. Shaoyang is still famous for other scenic spots such as: Xin shao Baishui Hole, Dongkou Huilong Sand-bar, Shaodong liuguang lake, Longhui Weiyuan lake, Gaozhou hot spring, shaoyang county heron sand-bar and Peach blossom island. Shaoyang urban district?¡¥s scenic spots are more beautiful, which are the Autumn Moon above two river, Shuifu magical temple, the East Pogoda stands facing North Pogoda, the color music fountain, boating on the river in the evening, snow scenery in Shehu and so on.?¡À12 finest sceneries of Baoqing?¡À, each of them has its own charm, They are so enchanted as to make sightseers forget about home, We sincerely welcome foreign investors come her to develop scenic spot, construct and manage tourism service facilities.

Shaoyang has a population of 7.3 million including rural labors 3.55 million. The spare labors usually exceed 1.5 million. Among the available labors, more than 70% have been trained by more than junior middle school. Every year, the whole municipality has 800 000 labors work as a casual laborer in coastal region. IN the municipality, the wages of labor are RMB 350-400 yuan for one person per month, which is twice or three times as low as that in the coastal areas.

Shaoyang municipality abounds in natural resources, The rich minerals of nonferrous metal and nonmetal enjoy high reputations in Hunan Province. And there are 7.4 kinds of surveyed minerals such as coal, iron, tungsten, tin, antimony, manganese, gold, marble, gypsum, rare earth, etc. the bamboo resources rank the first in Hunan Province. Forestry land in Shaoyang amounts to 35.21 million cubic meter with forest coverage of 70%, Various farming and sideline products of oranges, daylily flowers, job?¡¥s tears, tea, ginger, chili, garlic, Chinese chestnut and son are on good sale at home and abroad, Shaoyang enjoys exceptional advantages in developing animal husbandry. It has grass hills and grass land six million mu. Nanshan pastureland and Huang jin pastureland have long been famous in the world. Besides, the development of tourism resources has wide prospects. Al Qing, a world famous contemporary poet, highly praise the Xinning Langshan Scenic Spot:?¡ÀGuilin?¡¥s mountains and rivers are the beautiful in the world, but langshan?¡¥s scenery is even more beautiful than that of Guilin?¡À.

Shaoyang municipality also has more than six million mu of grass hills and grassland including 1.97 million mu 58 sites of continuous grassland above 10000 mu each. In the whole municipality there are 419 kinds of animals and birds. It has constructed over 200 livestock farming bases with annual capacity of 7 million heads of pig, The municipality will continue to construct six breeding lean-meat pigs bases in Shaoyang, Dongkou and etc. six counties, enlarge seven commodity cattle production bases in Xinning, Suining, Chengbu and etc. seven counties, construct several goat breeding bases in Suining, Dongkou and etc. six counties, construct breeding birds (goose, duck) bases in Wugang, Dongkou and etc. five counties, construct grass hill development demonstration base center on Nanshan Livestock Breeding farm and Huangjin Livestock Breeding farm. The construction of these bases can provide many investment opportunities for the foreign investors.

Shaoyang municipality has 2426 industrial enterprises including 175 enterprises directly under the jurisdiction of the municipal government with fixed-assets RMB 6.4 billion yuan. The complete industrial system covers practically tens of thousands of kinds, which involve chemicals, machine, textiles, light industries, electronics, medicines, building materials, metallurgy, coal, electric power, including chemicals, machine, textiles, light industries, building materials, as its mainstay. The main products are printing machinery, textiles machinery, hydraulic Pressure piece products, automobile parts, series chemical products of benzene, chemical industry material, paper and insulation paper board, continuous spinning viscose filament, chemical fiber and textile products. Chemical synthetic medicine, series manganese products, battery, wine beverage. In 1970s, 1980s Shaoyang once was the major industrial city in Hunan Province, which also took on important place in China. In order to speed up industrialization and meeting international challenge, Shaoyang municipality enhance transforming outmoded enterprises, specially transferring property right. The profitable enterprises allow the foreigners invest as stock or wholly purchase, The ordinary enterprises may be sold at low price, the deficit enterprises can be transferred use right gratuitously. With the most preferential policies, we sincerely welcome the friends at home and abroad coming Shaoyang for investigation, discussion and striving together for a brilliant future. The investors may take any forms of cooperation such as purchase annex, joint venture, monopoly, cooperation and etc.

The resource of water energy is rather rich in Shaoyang municipality. The surveyed reserves are 1.44 million KW, among which can be developed 0.7 million KW in the near future and now have developed 0.18 million KW, At present the electric power of the eastern area of the municipality is provided by east China electric power net and the western mountain district is provided by small hydropower stations and small thermal power stations which construction in Xinshao, suining five counties and there are great profits of investment.

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