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The Brief Introduction of Huaihua City

Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics         Update Time£º2004-7-30

Huaihua city, situated in south-western part of Hunan province, is administratively divided into 13 counties (including 1 county-level city and 2 districts) under the jurisdiction of the municipal government. It has a total area of 27,600, and a population of 4.93 million. The city proper has an area of 31.3, and 370,000 city dwellers.

-----Huaihua city enjoys a distinctive superiority in geographical location and a convenient transportation. As the saying goes, ¡°Huaihua is the gateway to Guizhou and Yunnan¡± and ¡°Huaihua is the vital passage of Guizhou and Hunan¡±. It plays an important role of "connecting east and west & joining south and nouth". The Hunan-Guizhou, Zhicheng-Liuzhou and Chongqin-Huaihua railways cross in the city proper and run through eleven counties of Huaihua. The volume of freight handled in the Huaihua marshalling yard amounts to 7300 carriages and ranks No.9 in the country. The highway net frame has been formed and the mileage amounts to 7800 kilometres. The national highways of No. 320, No.209 and No. 319 run rhrough 12 counties. Shaoyang-Huaihua and Huaihua-Xinghuang Expressways are being built and Changde-Jishou expressway is about to be constructed. Two national main cable-lines of Fuzhou-Chengdou and Huhehaote-Beihai also cross in the city proper. Huaihua is an important hub of communication in the inner land of China.

-----Huaihua city abounds in natural resources and enjoys high potentials in exploitation. It is one of the ten biggest waterpower bases in China. Huaihua is a major forest zone in south China and its forest coverage reaches 65.3%, which ranks No.1 in Hunan Province. There are 1909 sorts of medical plants, among which the outputs of Fuling and Gastrodia Elata rank No.1 in China. There are also 45 kinds of surveyed mineral resources here, such as gold, copper, phosphor and barite. Huaihua enjoys a long history, rich folk customs and a lot of famous scenic spots and historical sites, such as Ancient Graveyard Group, Longxin Lecture Temple, Furong Tower, Zhijiang Memorial Archway, Chenxi Swallow Cave and the culture of Dong Nationality, etc.

-----Huaihua city possesses certain foundation for industrial development and its pillar industries are gradually developing. In 2003, GDP of whole Huaihua amout to 24.96 billion Yuan RMB. The proportion of First, Second and Third Industry is 22.7:28.4:48.9. It has preliminary formed advantageous agriculture such as high-grade rice, fruit, medicine, oil plants, farming & aquatic products. Some Pillar industries such as medicine, forestry, foodstuff, electric power are gradually flourishing. Huaihua has 343 marktes, 25 stars-grade hotel and 15 travel agencies.

-----Huaihua basically possesses the scale of hub city and its radiation and driving abilities are gradually boosting up. The economy of Huaihua city proper is developing rapidly and its GDP amounts to 4 billion yuan. The rapid development of Third Industry, especially the commercial trade circulation, is making the hub city¡¯s radiation surface reach the neighbouring area of Hunan, Hubei , Chongqin, Guangxi and Guizhou, with an area of 90,000km2 and a population of 15 million. Huaihua ranks No.73 of prefectural cities in China according to a surey about comprehensive strength. Huaihua will offer more preferential policy and better services. All friends are warmly welcome to invest in Huaihua for development and mutual prosperity.

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