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Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics         Update Time£º2004-7-30

Hengyang is a well-known city of more than 2000 years rich in history and culture. It is located to the south of lofty and beautiful Hengshan Mountains and on the middle reaches of the blue Xiangjiang rivers. It has a jurisdiction over two cities, five counties and five districts and covers a total area of 15,300 square meters with a population of a little more than seven million.

"Hengyang sees blue fir and green bamboo everywhere" .It has always been called a "universal beauty" with mild climate, spectacular mountains and rivers and beautiful landscape. The beautiful geese cherish a peculiar love for the fertile and magic land. legend says that "wildgeese fly from north to south, here to rest and wheel", so it is also named "wildgeese city" .A poet in Tang Dynasty wangbo wrote in his "The preface of Tengwang pavilion" a very popular poetic sentence" Wildgeese fly and chill,on Hengyang waterside they shrill". The poem animates so much beautiful imagination and yearning of so many people.

Hengyang is a well-known "Abstsuse Area of Civilization" ----a magic land with many outstanding people and profound culture background. Zhurong (the God of fire) hunted here; Emperoe Shun inspected south; Dayu regulated rivers and watercourse. Here they started the first spark of Chinese civilization. Cailun made paper writing a splendid chapter in the human history. In stone-drum Academy, one of the four famous Academies in Tang and Song Dynasty, Zhangshi and Zhuxi made speeches and discussed classic teachings having "disciples all over China". In Xiangxi strawhouse,Wang Fuzi wrote books, started new teachings and created anew appearance of Chinese civilization fascinating the eyes of the world. Hengyang then becomes one of the origins of "Huxiang civilization," "the upper reaches of blue ink" and writes a splendid chapter in treasure of Chinese culture.

Hengyang stands a very critical position between north and south. It occupies a peculiarly advantageous situation. Ti "controls Guangdong and Guangxi" and situates at a very important point commanding provinces around. It sits on the combining area joining coastal area and the inland. It has always been a transport hub desired by military men of many times. Businessmen flock here. Railway line frome Beijing to Guangzhou goes through it. Railway line from Hunan to Guangxi starts from it. Highway 107,national way 322, "three-nan road"and expresses ways from Beijing to Zhuhai, from Hengyang to Kunming crisscross this area. A big vessel of 1000T can directly voyage to Dongting Lake and then to rivers and reach the sea.

Hengyang is abundant in natural resources and has long been designated as "Land of nonferrous metals", "Land of none-metals" and "land of fish and rice". There are nine waters such as Xiangjiang, Leishui ,Mishui and Zhengshui. They are like waving ribbons around the fertile land. There are more than 50 main minerals such as gold, silver, lead, zinc, salt, porcelain clay, albite and so on ----among which the resources of porcelain clay and allite are resplectively the greatest in China and Asia. Borax is unique in south part of China while rock salt ranks first. Tourist resources enjoy a worldwide reputation. Many famous mountains and beautiful waters with natural gifts and artificial craftsmanship are scattered about the land like bright pearls. They possess different manners and gestures. Nanyue Hengshan Mountains, extending 800 li, is especially archaic, pretty, secluded, dangerous and peculiar. Buddhism and Taoism coexist here. It is known as a "peak of longevity". It is a well-known place for sightseeing, exploration, vocation, summer resort and religion.

The torrent spring tide of zhengxiang River is running while wildgeese bring us good tidings. The tide of reform accelerates Hengyang onto a prosperous road of rapid development. Compared with 1952, the GDP of 1999 increases 31.7 times, financial income 59.7 times, city inhabitant's income 47.3 times, take-home income of peasants 89.8 times. Hengyang, the "Universal Beauty" has become a well-known base producing rice, pigs and seed-oil. It has also become an important industrial and commercial district in Hunan. The green fields and dark mountains raise well-known and superior native produces, daylily, Cloud Tea, Xianghuan Chicken, Chinese alpline rash and lofus seed. Over 120 superior products such as gear driller, seamless steeltube, Anciant Han Dynasty nultrition liquid, light-fibre core and pentarythritol have exported to more than 80 countries and regions. The city construction has been changing with passing day. The Zhengxiang land takes a total new look. New buildings rise up and skyrocket one by one at the foot of Huiyan Peak. The colorful wide strees flow people stream. The anciant city Hengyang shines with fresh vividness.

It is the time for the wildgeese to fly up. Striding into a new millennium, we have laid out a great blueprint in future five years: We will highlight a main picture ----holding high the banner, emancipating thought, missing no chances and speeding up development; we will hold on to a main ----our overall work focusing on economic construction; economic construction; economic construction focusing on quality and profit; quality and profit tanking the increase of finance, the income of inhabitants and the sustaining development as its core; we will insist on direction-accelerating the process of industrialization and urbanization; we will enhance one spirit----unity and hardworking, being practical and innovative; we will fulfil one task ----keep an increase of GDP by 9.5 percent; we will aim at one target----constructing Hengyang into a rich and civilized metropolis. Centering on the above targets, we will root in our mind four viewpoints, "vitalizing the city with the help of science and education, enriching the city by opening to the world, activating the city with help of tourism". We will confirm three consciousnesses "development, efficiency, uniqueness". We will enforce four strategies: "the infrastructure construction, the supporting industry, the sci-tech innovation and the tourist development". We will do our best to adjust the industrial structure, focus on innovation and expand the city proper. We will make efforts on sustainable development. We will construct Hengyang into more beautiful city like a morning sun and a high-flying wildgeese. We will make Hengyang applaused by the whole country , well-known in whole world.

The southbound wildgeese linger and stay; the roaming travelers wander and remain. We warm- hearted and hospitable Hengyang people sincerely welcome guests and entrepreneurs all over the world coming here sightseeing and making investment. The magic land enjoys great potentialities and has a broad prospect of investment and cooperation. It has a safe, snug and satisfactory investment environment. If you come here to make investment, you will be highly rewarded; if you come here on business, you will have a bright future; if you have your own house here, you will step into a Garden of Merry; if you come here to make tour, to seek for the traces of Wang Fuzi, to view the Huiyeng peak in fog and rain, to listen to the toll of Nanyue bells, you will be so happy and joyous that you even do not want to go home.

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