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Introduction to Changde

Hunan Provincial Bureau of Statistics         Update Time£º2004-7-30

Changde City is located in the Northwest of Hunan province, with Dongting lake to its East. Climate here is mild and moist. It is a place rich in natural resources. There are 2,472 kinds of fauna and flora, among them 24 are rare animals and 17 precious plants. For minerals there are nearly 100 kinds proved, in which the realgar's reserve, grade and output are the highest in China. Changde is a principal base of farm products in China, producing mainly rice, cotton, edible oil, orange, tea, silkworm, etc.

Changde has many ancient relics. More than 500 sites of the Old and New Stone ages have been found, among them 276 are key protection sites.

In the borders of the city water systems are well developed, not only being a unique scenery, but also serving well in transportation. The airport of Changde is able to land large planes and has 7 connections including to Beijing and Shanghai. National and provincial highways run through the city. Telecommunication is advanced linking all part of the world.

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