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  Ⅰ.Hunan Statistical Yearbook-2009is an annual statistical publication, which provides comprehensive data series in 2008 and some selected data series for historically important years at provincial level and local levels of cities, prefecture and counties. Therefore, it is an important reference book for party and government departments, enterprises and administrations units, economic and scientific research ers, teachers and investment units come to Hunan.

  . Hunan Statistical Yearbook-2009has been adjusted and added partly and it maintains the continuity compared with the yearbooks published before. Added the “energy” chapter and divided the previous year 16th chapter into “16. Main Economic and Social Statistics Indicators of Cities, Prefecture” and “17.Main Economic and Social Statistics Indicators of Counties and Cities(Districts)” while some statistical indicators are increased.The first special issue is the Communique on the 2008 National Economy and Social Development of Hunan Province. The Statistical figures contain the following 18 parts, 1. General Survey; 2. National Economy Accounting; 3. Population, Employment and Wage; 4. Investment in Fixed Assets; 5. Public Finance, Banking, Insurance; 6. Construction of Cities, Environmental Protection; 7. Agriculture; 8. Industry; 9.Energy;10. Construction; 11. Transportation, Post and Telecommunication Services; 12. Domestic Trade, Foreign Trade, Foreign Economy and Tourism;13. Education and Science;14. Culture, Sports and Public Health;15. Party and Mass, Politics and Law, Social Welfare;16. Main Economic and Social Statistics Indicators of Cities, Prefecture;17.Main Economic and Social Statistics Indicators of Counties and Cities(districts);18. Main Economic and Social Indicators by Provinces (Municipalities and Autonomous Regions).

. The major data of the book are from annual statistical reports, and some from sampling surveys. Main economic and social statistic indicators of cities,prefecture and counties are arranged according to their annual statistical reports. Annual data of state, and other provinces, municipalities directly under central government and autonomous regions are quoted from data returned by State Statistical Bureau. Some very specialized indicators are applied by the province directly under administrational annual reports. Area of total land, Forest resources, the condition of rivers and lakes are arranged according to census by the departments concerned in recent years.

. All of the value indicators in this book are calculated by the same year’s prices. All of the indices are calculated by the constant price. Explanatory notes are provided behind the list in which if there are changes. Data of the book are composed by computers.

. The book is edited according to the frame and standard of China Statistical Yearbook. The indicator explanatory notes are edited according to China Statistical Yearbook, and the units of measurement are internationally standard measurement units. The notations are standard notations of China Statistical Yearbook.

    Ⅵ. As the results of the second national economic census have not been formally released, the 2008 date as published in “Hunan Statistical Yearbook-2009” are preliminary statistics except finance, bank, insurance and partial social indicators. And some index date is left vacant for the time being.

not large enough to be rounded into the least unit.

  “#” of which: major items.

  “Space” data not available.

  “?” footnotes below.

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